Ball in a China Shop

The Project

My Role

As part of a game prototyping class, I was put on a team of five to create four video game prototypes over the course of an entire semester. Ball in a China Shop, one of the prototypes, was a game that gave the player control over a ball. The goal was to move this ball through a series of areas while breaking as little china as possible, and preventing bulls from destroying the china themselves. 

On the team I took the role of UI artist and UX designer. Using Figma, I made mockups and the high-fidelity designs of all of our screens. I also participated in design discussions to better flesh out the overall game, including recommendations to improve user interactions. Playtest form creation and analyzing feedback was another key part of my job on the team.

Visual Design

This particular prototype I went for a more minimalistic and flat color design, due to the style of the game. The game itself had 3D models made of flat porcelain with intricate blue detailing, so I used white bowls to continue the porcelain thematic throughout the screens, with blue used to bring classic china to mind. Red was used as an accent color because of how well it stood out next to the largely blue and white models and screens. 

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